Company Profile
Weihai Boxin Wood Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to the design, development and application of high-end aluminum-wood door and window systems since its establishment in 2008. The company occupies more than 39,000 square meters,
Annual output of about 200,000 square meters。It is a high-quality door and window enterprise renowned in Shandong.
  • Good prospects for the development of German solid wood doors and windows


    At present, German style solid wood doors and windows are the best in the high-end doors and windows of the market today, and are mostly used in luxury villas and high-end residences. German-style solid wood doors and windows seem to have become the high-end configuration of villas and high-end real…

  • Aluminum-wood composite doors and windows for what decoration style


    Newly-decorated new houses will generally choose aluminum doors and windows, aluminum-wood composite doors and windows, and German-style pure wood doors and windows when selecting doors and windows. These three types of doors and windows have their own advantages. When choosing, we should choose sui…

  • Boxin Woodwind enters Wuhan Redstar Macalline


    Boxin Wood has achieved considerable popularity and reputation in the new aluminum-wood doors and windows market. Wooden window products have withstood the test of the market. Wood window materials, manufacturing processes, product price, and brand positioning have already formed in the market. Uniq…

  • Aluminium wood doors and windows more convenient opening and closing


    Aluminium wood doors and windows opening and closing a lot of ways for everyone to briefly introduce here, which push-pull flat open multi-function combination window is this year's eye-catching new window, its biggest advantage is the opening and closing arbitrary: window sashes can be left and rig…

  • Boxin European doors and windows, using the latest aluminum, more environmentally friendly


    With the rapid development of China's economy, in recent years, the process of urbanization has been accelerating, which has made the real estate industry develop rapidly. As a result, it has also led to the development of related industries. It has also created a vast space for development for the …

  • Aluminium wood door and window profiles surface treatment technology


    Aluminum-clad wooden doors and windows are mainly made of aluminum, wood, glass, etc. The surface treatment technology of aluminum-clad wooden doors and windows sold on the market includes the following: aluminum alloy special die extrusion profiles are used in the outdoor part,

  • Aluminium wood doors and windows life


    With the continuous development of the times and the increasing awareness of environmental protection, people are increasingly interested in aluminum-clad wooden doors and windows, but people also care about the service life of aluminum-clad wooden doors and windows in addition to paying attention t…

  • What is the significance of doors and windows for the overall renovation of a house?


    Door and window decoration is a very happy and very headache. Happiness is due to the renovation of the new house to live in, headache, because the decoration is a very troublesome thing, not only to spend more and consume a lot of time, ranging from one or two months, as many as one or two years, i…

  • What is the service life of aluminum-wood composite doors and windows?


    In the windows and doors market, pure aluminum alloy doors and windows and pure solid wood doors and windows are all past tense, because their performance has its own limitations, and the new generation of doors and windows in the market - aluminum-wood composite doors and windows to break this limi…

  • Aluminum-wood composite doors and windows have become "upstarts" in the high-end consumer market.


    From the structural point of view, aluminum-wood composite doors and windows are made of wood + aluminum as the frame material, the internal use of broken bridge thermal insulation structure, the vast majority of glass using multi-layer hollow tempered glass.

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